New Series Re(tro)views

This is a new series I’m starting on this blog called Re(tro)views (Pronounced Retro Views but kinda looks like reviews haha). What I do, or at least aim to do is rather than give films a typical review of what I liked and didn’t like and judge whether it was a good movie, I look more at what I perceived or learnt about the film, characters, message, and philosophy and why what they do is important and why decisions in these mediums matter for the audience or maybe society. Does the movie change culture in any type of way? does it represent a change in people’s perception on things? does a film cause an influx in comic sales or a severe drop?

There are many things film can do and because I would like to place it underneath the arts, it’s influencing does matter.

I’ve learnt to understand that movies can mean more to an audience and I want to explore those themes, not every super hero film is warranted to a Re(tro)view (Well not until I figure out whether it played a major role in Cinema or culture) but I will have a few, I do hope you enjoy this series as much as I do writing about them and I will be releasing these reviews Once a Month, That is the aim for now anyway. If you have any suggestions for films that I can review and even what those films meant for you, please do suggest, I’d like to know your thoughts and will probably even cause me to rewatch them again in a new light.

I’ll start this series at some point in September, hopefully mid.

Thank you for reading


Does DC need a Kevin Feige?

DC hasn’t had the easiest time when making their movies, I mean at times they had the super hero genre on lock. The Christopher Reeves Superman movies defined what it meant to be a hero that people can look up to……. well I guess before the third and fourth movie at least and Christopher Nolan made the Batman trilogy change our very perception of grounded heroes.

Maybe we need people called Christopher to sort this out

Nah let’s dive into this
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Ranting about Screen Rant

I was reading an Article from a website called ScreenRant, that stated the reasons why Jared Leto’s Joker was the best joker on screen…….*sigh*
Well let’s get down to it
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A True Patriot

Before I can go further into this, I have to say that the episode “Patriot Act” Season 3 Ep 7, is one of my top favourite episodes the Justice League has ever produced.

It starts out with a typical “American” opening I guess, with them defeating Nazis. (Nothing screams America louder).

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Dark Knight Review

This movie…..Well what can I say

Anybody who knows anything about Batman knows that this character is a badass.

This Movie is amazingly smart and did something so much better than any Batman Movie ever made, and that was to tell a great story.

A character like Batman has no super powers so for him; to make an epic Movie the story has to be enticing and very appealing and, as many have already stated: “In Nolan we trust”.

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Reviews for Superheroes All Over…… (Kind of)

Why am I reviewing?

To be honest, my main motivation for reviewing was because I watched Green Lantern, and I was upset, I mean UPSET. Like somebody had punched my child in the throat upset.

That movie just threw everything out the window, I mean this movie suffers from something that every DC movie has suffered from so far no matter how good ( E.g. The Dark Knight Trilogy) and that is a loss of connection.

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