Does DC need a Kevin Feige?

DC hasn’t had the easiest time when making their movies, I mean at times they had the super hero genre on lock. The Christopher Reeves Superman movies defined what it meant to be a hero that people can look up to……. well I guess before the third and fourth movie at least and Christopher Nolan made the Batman trilogy change our very perception of grounded heroes.

Maybe we need people called Christopher to sort this out

Nah let’s dive into this
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Do people not know the difference?

So what’s the difference between a Homage and a reveal to you?
Warning: This post contains Spider-Man: Homecoming spoilers
So like…….don’t read it until you watch it….or read it ( I don’t mind )

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We Live In A Big World, So Let’s Use It

If there is one thing I love, it’s some crossover events. Oh, they remind me of pancakes, they’re both so satisfying. Like a fresh book smell, a garden of roses……(You get my drift).

But maybe I can convince you they’re bad?

Let’s try

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Looks Is Everything Now

Now, I’ve never thought to strongly about this (well, I mean not in this light)

An appearance change is constant within hero movies (It happens mostly in sequels) but the costume always connotes a theme or some sort of backstory, not only to the character but to the story itself.

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Steven Strange, M.D. – Specialty: Kaleidoscope Magic

Steven Strange is the Mystical Master of a lot of things I can’t even hope to pronounce but I can say without a doubt his trailer has dropped from the SDCC (San-Diego Comic-Con). This trailer delivered and boy….. Am I happy, I again don’t know much about his character but let’s judge the trailer on what we know about him so far.

Marvel has done a good job in presenting the of hero we are looking at, knowing that we have seen the technological, the semi-scientific explained, outer space and even other worldly…. it’s time to get….well…strange.

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