Captain America 3 was almost perfect….almost

I was rewatching Captain America: Civil War and I love that movie, it has such a rewatchable quality about it, maybe it's the vast cast of characters or the story line, I don't know but I find the film, as a comic book movie anyway, almost perfect.

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The Illuminati May Rise?

Now that I have frightened you with my title, allow me to elaborate

Marvel is getting onto something I’ve noticed which I think can be an amazing movie in itself, that’s called the Illuminati and no… isn’t the secret organisation, well not in that sense anyway.

But the movie universe has given rise to a few key players;

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Spider-Man “He’s a menace, a menace I say!!”

I had a random thought the other day while watching Spider-Man: Homecoming. What do the accords mean for him?, what do they mean for any of the heroes that aren’t a part of the cinematic side of the MCU?

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A New Age

Now as we all know that Avengers 2 is coming to cinema soon, I just couldn’t keep my excitement under wraps when I saw these new pictures, (I know some pictures were leaked) but it seems now that they’ve gotten into the advertising stage of their movie and very soon we will start seeing official pictures given from Marvel, but until then please enjoy this


Not only that but what looks like to be an in movie scene hopefully



If you want to see more amazing photos visit,,20399642_20834753_30186099,00.html#30186093

where they have all the Avengers plus some new recruits.

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Intergalactic Police Force, Yes Please!!!

I have been doing a lot of background research and reading, not only in Green Lantern but the whole emotional spectrum, and I couldn’t help but think how cool it was. The whole concept of Oa, the origin of the universe, order and justice and the use of light to govern major things that go on within the DCverse.

Green Lanterns are much stronger than people think.

And then another idea came to me, and that was would an origin story for the green lantern be better if it explained more about the Green Lantern universe or if they talk more in detail about the main character and correctly portray his origin…..hmmmm?

Well let’s discuss

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