Ranting about Screen Rant

I was reading an Article from a website called ScreenRant, that stated the reasons why Jared Leto’s Joker was the best joker on screen…….*sigh*
Well let’s get down to it
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Is Culture Appropriation Necessary to Address in Comic Books and Movies?

I had a very random thought about heroes that would come from certain parts of the world and how would they look and be, and with Dr Strange, Black Panther, Luke Cage and Iron Fist coming out, it seemed like a good time to have one of my late night thoughts about cultural appropriation and what it means.

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Batman v Superman is the most conflicted I have ever felt about any superhero movie, actually any movie when I think about it. Because what they get right they get amazingly right, and what doesn’t work well really takes you out of the whole cinematic or viewing experience.

let’s start with a few things, this is not going to be a review of the film but more of how I felt when watching it, and re-watching it and rewatching it. (bear-in-mind this film is close to 3 hours long, so that’s a lot of time I’m not getting back).

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