Ranting about Screen Rant

I was reading an Article from a website called ScreenRant, that stated the reasons why Jared Leto’s Joker was the best joker on screen…….*sigh*
Well let’s get down to it
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Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are complete &@£?!

I’ve been reading the Injustice Gods amongst us comic books and my Lord!!!!
I really hate Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

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Reviews for Superheroes All Over…… (Kind of)

Why am I reviewing?

To be honest, my main motivation for reviewing was because I watched Green Lantern, and I was upset, I mean UPSET. Like somebody had punched my child in the throat upset.

That movie just threw everything out the window, I mean this movie suffers from something that every DC movie has suffered from so far no matter how good ( E.g. The Dark Knight Trilogy) and that is a loss of connection.

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