Ranting about Screen Rant

I was reading an Article from a website called ScreenRant, that stated the reasons why Jared Leto’s Joker was the best joker on screen…….*sigh*
Well let’s get down to it
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Batman v Superman is the most conflicted I have ever felt about any superhero movie, actually any movie when I think about it. Because what they get right they get amazingly right, and what doesn’t work well really takes you out of the whole cinematic or viewing experience.

let’s start with a few things, this is not going to be a review of the film but more of how I felt when watching it, and re-watching it and rewatching it. (bear-in-mind this film is close to 3 hours long, so that’s a lot of time I’m not getting back).

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We all know about the connection between Ben Affleck and Batman (If you don’t, then dude….where have you been?), we’ve even seen him in the suit and even seen glimpses of the Batmobile (or Tumblr, I don’t know).

This time it’s a close up of the cowl



Before I finish this post I would first like to give my personal opinion, which is, I’m still not feeling this whole thing. I have no problem with the potential of the movie, I have no problem with Ben Affleck as Batman, I don’t have any problem with the casting, I even got over the fact that there won’t be any TV/Movie crossover characters.

But this suit just hits me in a way like no other, I still feel so strong about how the suit looks, and I know I have to take into account the type of Batman being portrayed which therefore has an impact on his appearance, I even dug a little into the background of the Frank Miller Batman (Which this Batman has inspiration from) and I still conclude in my opinion, that it seems like reverting to me. Having such a suit change during the Nolan Trilogy seeing how the character evolved, in terms of appearance is something that I enjoyed greatly, and will never forget to be honest.

But until the actual movie comes out, I guess it’s too soon to tell, I have faith that Ben Affleck will give a performance the audience isn’t expecting and I hope everything about the suit is just me jumping to conclusion, because we never know.

Even Nolan started out with the cowl restricting batman’s ability to turn his head.

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P.s. Because of this post I have realized that the appearance of a character is something that takes a lot more thought, for that reason a future post will be based on appearance.

Thank you again.

Comic-Con Crazy

As we all know the time has come for San Diego to show us what they’ve got.

I’m not even in America and I’ve already seen some pretty crazy and cool stuff, so I will be posting a bunch of amazing things that will be going on in the Hero world in the next few days.

Let’s start with this amazing concept design for Batman, made by the creator of Kingdom Hearts

Kh Batman

Just look at the Awesomeness of this (Yeah, Just…..Yeah!)

This is two wallpapers people, you’re welcome 🙂

Kh Batman 2

Thank you for looking

Intergalactic Police Force, Yes Please!!!

I have been doing a lot of background research and reading, not only in Green Lantern but the whole emotional spectrum, and I couldn’t help but think how cool it was. The whole concept of Oa, the origin of the universe, order and justice and the use of light to govern major things that go on within the DCverse.

Green Lanterns are much stronger than people think.

And then another idea came to me, and that was would an origin story for the green lantern be better if it explained more about the Green Lantern universe or if they talk more in detail about the main character and correctly portray his origin…..hmmmm?

Well let’s discuss

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