We Live In A Big World, So Let’s Use It

If there is one thing I love, it’s some crossover events. Oh, they remind me of pancakes, they’re both so satisfying. Like a fresh book smell, a garden of roses……(You get my drift).

But maybe I can convince you they’re bad?

Let’s try

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No Rest For The Awesomely Wicked

No rest at all people, there seems to be two more photos that have been released, this time of QuickSilver and Hawkeye. But it doesn’t stop there, if my eyes serve me right (even if i wear glasses) there seems to be a floating figure in the background of QuickSilver’s picture. Could this hint to another picture of The Vision?, Hopefully we find out in the next two days.

10513372_736008069795831_8005174813460497020_n 10561727_736008049795833_528587148277690609_n

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Avengers In Its Fullness

So more picture have been shown about what Avengers 2 is gonna be looking like, and I have to say I’m looking forward to this (very forward….like, very forward). These pics obviously give the viewer to who the main villain is gonna be, I am excited, the date had already been set anyway and even though that has caused an uprising speculation with another movie about who is gonna budge, it doesn’t seem to be shifting my excitement, not one bit. So people, please enjoy the photos and as always,

Aiif 1 (1) Aiif 1 (2) Aiif 1 (3) Aiif 1 (4)

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A New Age

Now as we all know that Avengers 2 is coming to cinema soon, I just couldn’t keep my excitement under wraps when I saw these new pictures, (I know some pictures were leaked) but it seems now that they’ve gotten into the advertising stage of their movie and very soon we will start seeing official pictures given from Marvel, but until then please enjoy this


Not only that but what looks like to be an in movie scene hopefully



If you want to see more amazing photos visit


where they have all the Avengers plus some new recruits.

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