Ironman 3 Review

Ironman 3, now that’s a funny movie.

Now my review is gonna contain spoilers, so if you haven’t watched this movie I suggest you stop.


Stop Now!!

……………………………………OK, I warned you.

Ironman 3 is about the well established billionaire Tony Stark who is facing some anxiety issues because of the events which happened in the Avengers. This causes him to work non-stop designing new suits but the more effort he puts into his work, the more he slowly loses those he cares about. A new threat, The Mandarin, has arisen and has put Tony’s mind to the test, but the Mandarin isn’t all he says he is.

So Ironman, I’m a techno geek so this movie is straight up my alley, it was great. It had action, a good story, and jokes (A lot of jokes).

So the story line. It starts off with a nerdy Guy (Killian) who pitches ideas to the stuck-up Tony Stark but is rejected. Luckily he then he becomes Rich, famous and Handsome (So far it looks like a 70s movie) also he decides to become evil.

The story is really simple and audiences don’t need to worry about if they watched The Avengers as only one aspect of the movie focuses on that and that is his anxiety issues. The main focus of the movie is The Mandarin (A villain that Ironman fans have been waiting for).

While we are on the topic of the Mandarin, what do you guys think of the plot twist? I almost cried laughing. I’ve heard not everyone liked the fact that the Mandarin was a cover up for Extremis but I thought it made sense to the story; after all it is much easier to pin the blame on someone else.

The Iron legion almost made me cry, ever since watching the trailer continuously; I had been waiting for them. The wait was worth it. So many suits, all had their own special features? I could hear the boy in me cheer (Too bad my friends heard me cheer as well). This was an aspect of the movie that could also reach the Ironman fans not because it was cool but because ironman having different suits that specialize in separate tasks is a big part of the Ironman legacy, so well done Shane (That’s the name of the Director lol).

The laughter in this movie was a lot; to be honest I can say at least half the movie was me laughing. The jokes in this movie actually at some points seemed a bit too much, don’t get me wrong, I love laughter as much as the next person but at times when you thought they were going to be serious they placed a joke, and although I was laughing, in my head I was thinking “C’mon now, let’s just move one with the story”.

The acting was done great. I’m either saying that because I’m in love with Ironman or because I love Robert Downey Jr (So close to typing how I was in love with RDJ, phew). Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert have great chemistry when acting, you can tell that they could bicker the way they do in real life, and Don Cheadle reprised his role as Rhodes and acted really well.

Ben Kingsley acted as the Mandarin and to be honest, he didn’t act in the way I thought he would, but non-the-less it was great. The role he was given he acted perfectly.

Guy Pierce was doing his job very well, the evil maniac who is very charming; he’s got that on lock. (Well I assume so, I’m not a girl).

Jon Favreau plays Happy Hogan and is just what the audience loves, a character that is mainly comic relief, which makes it that much more upsetting when he is attacked the way he was.

Overall the film was great. Maybe the jokes cold have been less but I felt this movie was what I was waiting for.

I give it 8/10