Dark Knight Review

This movie…..Well what can I say

Anybody who knows anything about Batman knows that this character is a badass.

This Movie is amazingly smart and did something so much better than any Batman Movie ever made, and that was to tell a great story.

A character like Batman has no super powers so for him; to make an epic Movie the story has to be enticing and very appealing and, as many have already stated: “In Nolan we trust”.

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Man Of Steel Review

Where do I start?

I’ve been told by my friends to not get over excited when reviewing this one but man, that movie is off the chain.

This review is obviously going to contain spoilers, keep reading at your own risk.

So let me summarise what the film is about.

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Green Lantern The Movie Review

OK, So in this one I’m gonna be reviewing Green Lantern and for those who don’t know who that is and has been living in a cave, I will give a quick rundown without spoiling anything.

(But by the way, in my review there are gonna be a lot of spoilers so that may make my first paragraph moot, ah well)

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