New Starts

Recently I haven’t been able to post new content, due to the fact that I’m……well….broke lol.

Sadly My laptop has decided to break down and I don’t have the money to get it repaired as of yet, but I have managed to find a new device to post my blogs on. Now although I could use my phone to post my work, typing on a phone I would find a lot more difficult and time consuming, and also I use that device for numerous things so I wanted to be able to use a word document.

Now the device I am using is no Laptop, so I don’t expect to pump out content as fast, or with the same amount of pictures or whatever because the processing speed is not close to a laptop but I will still be updating and writing new posts as all the other posts I have been working on, is sadly lost or not available at this current time. My Re(tro)views sadly will be on hold for a little while but I think I can makeup for that with some new stuff I’ve been working on.

To be honest this is a post for fans who care (which I don’t imagine is a lot haha, but I’m working on that too).

Thank you for Reading


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