Does DC need a Kevin Feige?

DC hasn’t had the easiest time when making their movies, I mean at times they had the super hero genre on lock. The Christopher Reeves Superman movies defined what it meant to be a hero that people can look up to……. well I guess before the third and fourth movie at least and Christopher Nolan made the Batman trilogy change our very perception of grounded heroes.

Maybe we need people called Christopher to sort this out

Nah let’s dive into this

So, as you can tell the DC extended universe may seem like a mess, although to the hardcore and very faithful fan you can have excitement for each title as they come out, to the casual movie-goer this can be jarring. Having random DC titles, that may seem like they have nothing to do with each other or hearing a lot of things in media news about the complication of going from one film to the next is exhausting as a fan or lover of film and they just don’t seem to have a very clear vision of where they want to go and they’re just going based on the success or failure of one movie to the next. Now, although it’s important when making a film to concentrate on the story at hand and focus on making the best movie you can make, if you are adamant that you want to get a movie universe going, then you must think about other characters and subtle hints and not cram everything into one film. I personally believe the appearance alone of characters already gives hints and indications that possible spin-offs can occur and all that’s left is the anticipation of the fans themselves.

But there is always one thing that should stay constant and that’s the vision and tone of the Universe being created, I understand that tone can change dependant on audience reaction and I agree it should if necessary but the end-game of whatever universe doesn’t need to shift unless you see it serving a better payoff for whatever for any finale or end phase or whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Let’s take Marvel as an example now (They’re the only example I can really give). I will be honest, the first phase of Marvel I wasn’t into it.

I grew up in the Era of, what I call, Sparring Heroes. That means super hero films came out very sparingly, with the most Iconic titles from Marvel and DC were The Original Spiderman films (Tobey Maguire) and the Dark Knight Trilogy. I suddenly heard though that an Ironman film would come out in 2008, which after seeing the trailer I was intrigued by. I admit I didn’t know too much about Iron-man except the information I knew from his TV show when it aired from FOX kids and when I watched it, I enjoyed the movie. Then the Incredible Hulk movie came out which I thought was OK but still mediocre and I straight up thought the first Captain America film and Thor were a bit boring at the time, Only Iron-man and Iron-man 2 kept me interested because I eventually liked Tony Stark as a character, but despite me liking only 2 out of the 5 films (That’s 40%!!!) I still knew something which I haven’t seen before was about to happen….and that was the Avengers. Every kid growing knew what The Avengers was, be it comics or TV, the team is iconic and sure enough the film delivered and from there the rest is history, all that work and multiple movies, which has also had its fair share of shifts and changes will lead up to probably the biggest movie event and fan anticipation since 2012.

I can’t even say DC hasn’t done this as well, let’s look at the Greg Berlanti Universe which has caused CW to sky rocket in view rating and money. Again, started off with a somewhat obscure character which not that many people except fans might be knowledgeable of (Green Arrow) and from there, The Flash was created, Then Supergirl and DC Legends of Tomorrow and now Black Lightning. Now, there might not be a clear-cut plan with television series as its ongoing but he made a vision and has stuck through it, or at least because, at the inception of creating the show, he was the head/showrunner, he gets to oversee what happens and makes it according to his vision.

This shows that the DC Extended Universe needs this same commitment and I know Geoff Johns is that guy but it doesn’t seem to be as forefront as I would hope, especially with the revamping of the Comics (DC Rebirth), I can’t imagine him putting all his focus on the films and to be honest, I don’t know a better guy than Geoff Johns to helm such a responsibility. But I guess I have faith, here’s to hope.

Thank you for reading



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