Ranting about Screen Rant

I was reading an Article from a website called ScreenRant, that stated the reasons why Jared Leto’s Joker was the best joker on screen…….*sigh*
Well let’s get down to it

Jared Leto isn’t a bad actor at all, he’s a very talented individual and I like his Joker a lot but is he the best Joker? Obviously not, but that is not through any fault of his own except it’s too early to tell in my opinion, but my problem isn’t with him but with the article.

15 Reasons they say, 15 reasons why Jared is better than Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger.Well you know I’m gonna do what Nerds to and pick this thing apart.

That’s excluding Mark Hamill’s amazing animated voice or the other guy from the old Batman 66. Well you know I’m gonna do what Nerds do and pick this thing apart like the spare ribs I just ate.

There are some points I agree with because, again, I didn’t have a major problem with Jared Leto’s interpretation.

I will number my points based on what the numbers are in the article, that I disagree with.

No. 14
He’s Smarter than Amanda Waller

Now that’s a stretch if I’ve ever read one, I mean Mister Fantastic kind of a stretch. If you’re able to pull off crazy plans which people might not prepare for, I’d call it more of being a living embodiment of a wild card, but never smarter. I think by this logic then he’s also smarter than Batman because he somehow always seems to corner him or put him in dire situations to try and survive.
Let’s understand this, the Joker isn’t necessarily a genius but he is unpredictable which is one of his very, if not most dangerous amazing qualities, and because order is a common thing in life he can always seem to be one step ahead because other than Batman and maybe a select few, they will not expect some of the messed up things that occur in the Jokers sick mind.

No. 13
He has the potential for a number of different movies

While this is true, this has nothing to do with why he’s a better Joker. It could be cause for excitement, I would love to see more Joker but this does not give me any reason for why I should believe he’s the best rendition of this character.

No. 12
He has an amazing car

I won’t even say why this is a stupid

No. 11
He’s somewhat of a fashion icon

Really reaching now huh? Let’s see the other “reasons”

No. 10
He’s an actual Gotham city crime lord

Now I’m half-and-half on this one, again I don’t believe him being a Gotham city crime lord is bad, it’s an interesting take on the character but that’s all it is. An adaptation that will look good for the movie and put a different spin into the kind of psychology the Joker has but to claim this is a reason why he is better is far-fetched, the Joker can work in numerous types of settings but we have to remember that it’s not the accessories of the Joker that makes him an interesting character but how his mind works. This is why he’s an interesting villain to Batman, even an interesting villain to most audiences. They have such different mentalities but can’t exist without the other in a sense, a dichotomy of the human mind, it’s actually really interesting. I guess this point covers both 11 and 12 as well.

No. 8
The only live-action Joker to live in the same Universe with Superman and Wonder Woman

If the potential is what gets you excited because of possible stories that can come from the character, then, by all means, I’m with you, but please state that rather than claiming he’s the best Joker. If someone started claiming Spider-Man: Homecoming was the best Spider-Man film ever made, just because Ironman was in it, then you have a flat……I mean very flat point considering Spiderman 2 still exists. A claim with no substance doesn’t amount to much.

No. 7
He’s the live action version of Joker that managed to kill the Robin

Excitement and facts are two different things
Rather than a list maybe just retitle the article?

No. 4
He’s the first live-action Joker working with Harley Quinn on screen

Nolan’s Joker was a very grounded Joker, which wanted to work on the mental battle of two people who I guess were/are opposite sides of the same coin, Order and Anarchy. Complaining Harley Quinn wasn’t there would just be….well silly. This was 2012.

The previous Joker in a movie was in 1989 and guess what Harley Quinn didn’t even exist, not live action, not comics, nowhere and guess how I found that out…….I read.
She was introduced in the Batman animated series back in around 1992, then placed in comics in 1999, a good decade after Jacks Nicholsons Joker.

So this point is like saying, I’m a great runner because I managed to come first in a race against a person that is going to be born in 10 years.

No. 1
He’s a modern Re-imagining and the closest Joker we’ve seen to the comics

Again half-and-half, while I agree he is a modern take on the Joker, you can’t just outright say “he’s the closest joker to the comics we’ve seen”. There are so many interpretations of not only the Joker but all villains and heroes. If you can show me a Joker that looks like Leto’s take before he was the Joker, then I’d be genuinely surprised. Like seriously.

Imagine a whole article listing these reasons for why a person’s, very limited screen time Joker was better than the previous two iterations is unfair, to say the least. Not to anyone else but Jared Leto himself.
Because I’ve said before, his interpretation I thought was perfectly fine, because I haven’t seen enough of this Joker I can’t make such a bold statement. I can give reasons to why I’m excited at his return or character potential but that’s about it. Watching people bash on the actor and his skills ended up becoming something that I saw on Twitter because of this article and that was completely unfair and undeserved because of an article, to me at least, had more than half empty reasons for their claim.

I just had to get this rant off my chest but what do you guys think?

Thank you for reading

The original article is here:




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