Do people not know the difference?

So what’s the difference between a Homage and a reveal to you?
Warning: This post contains Spider-Man: Homecoming spoilers
So like…….don’t read it until you watch it….or read it ( I don’t mind )

While watching Spider-Man: Homecoming I saw this slew of hate at Zendaya’s character reveal near the end of the film when she said: “My friends call me MJ”.
I mean there were speculations that she could be Mary Jane and all but the studio and everyone else denied it.
People went off the walls with this one though, “How can she be Mary Jane?”, “She doesn’t Incorporate the characteristics of Mary Jane at all” and whatever else they could think of and this amazing thought came to me by the process of common sense

………well she’s not Mary Jane, simple as.

“But she said her name is MJ!!”, I hear you scream at me.
You know who else is MJ, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordon, Magic Johnson, Mick Jagger, Marc Jacobs, Mighty Joe flipping Young
But you won’t see me complaining that they’re nothing like Mary Jane

……..but she’s in Spider-Man and her name is MJ, that means Mary Jane, you may or may not exclaim ( I don’t know who reads this)

That may be true in the previous movies, but in this film, her name is Michelle Jones, which happens to be the same initials as Mary Jane.

Now, this is where fans have to learn how to separate certain things when watching a movie because you spoil the film only for yourself. Having a character like Zendaya’s to make that statement was to pay homage and have that little nod to the fans. Rather than thinking everything has to be the exact same as the comics, you have to explore the possibilities of what the initials mean not necessarily what they are, we all know that Peter Parker and Mary Jane had a strong and complicated relationship and the same can be applied to this movie, we have no clue what direction they might have or take but that’s actually the take away from her character at the end of the movie. It’s not what should happen but more of what could happen. The implications play stronger control over what should happen because lord knows replaying the same love stories will be like beating a horse that can’t run anymore.

It’s similar to the Dark Knight Rises homage when the police officer was told his name, Robin.
It was a nod to the fans because we already knew about Robin by then. It didn’t mean there would be a continuation where Robin would be in costume.
Same rules apply here.

So in conclusion, don’t take away the MJ being something literal, take it as the symbol of the character development that could occur between Peter and *MICHELLE* while leaving the possibility of an actual Mary Jane character entering.

Thank you for reading



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