I think I’m losing faith in Michael bay? 

This might be a funny concept to some people as they are shouting "You should have lost faith in 2009 bro!!"

But I have to admit, Transformers is my guilty movie pleasure. They may not have Oscar worthy stories and I don't expect them to be, even the way Michael Bay set up this universe, I knew that it will be filled with cool homages to operations done in the army/military, amazing cars, amazing fights…….amazing girls (Yes I said it!).

But Bay, to me at least, is losing it………..*Sigh*…………I can forgive a lack of story but if there is one thing I can't forgive, it's a lack of awesome Robot fighting which was extremely lacking. I just realised while writing this that I can't go into too much detail about The Last Knight movie which I will do in my Review.

But I have to sadly admit, it's happened people, I've lost faith in Michael Bay

Oh what a day of mourning

Thanks for reading


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