Who’s The Main Cast In Transformers?

This question randomly came to me as I was watching Transformers: The Last Knight and that was, who is the main cast for Transformers movies?

Now there was an issue I had with the film and it had to do with the appearance, or lack thereof, of certain characters and I, need to know "who is more important in the Transformers series?". Simple.

Personally, it has to be the Transformers, (The Autobots and Decepticons). Despite the obvious indicator of the names, I mean that's where the stories are. You can have a Transformers movie without people, but you can't have a transformers movie with just people. So this caused such a large debate to go in in my head "What the hell is Michael Bay doing?",

You can't put so much energy and story into characters which I believe (personally) are side characters. The Transformers franchise started so well, not because it was a new series (Although that helps a lot), but I believe it had a good balance between the two worlds. The Transformers battling is the core reason why people would watch the movie, but you also need to introduce them to the world, this is where the humans are important in part of the story. I understand that tickets need to sell and all that mumbo jumbo, but the advantage is that through a good introduction, you can slowly show the complexities in the Autobt v Decepticon backstories while still implementing some human parts to it.

I will be able to go into further detail through my Transformers: The Last Knight review

But I want to lastly say, I don't believe that in a film mixed with people and CGI that people need to steal the spotlight. we've seen in previous movies that side characters can be just as loved, so in a case where the supposed "side characters" are what the film is about, they maybe focus on them and in the sparingness of the human characters, we as an audience can enjoy them more.

Thank you for reading



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