We Live In A Big World, So Let’s Use It

If there is one thing I love, it’s some crossover events. Oh, they remind me of pancakes, they’re both so satisfying. Like a fresh book smell, a garden of roses……(You get my drift).

But maybe I can convince you they’re bad?

Let’s try

This post is aimed at Marvel considering they have the biggest comic live action media thing going on right now, spanning from Films to TV, to web series to Streaming sites. Although this is cool and segmentation of heroes is a great thing, I always used to think, so when is Daredevil gonna appear in the movie, when is Phil Coulson going to see the people on Netflix and even though they have done little things here and there, such as having Nick Fury and Maria Hill and Lady Sif from the films appear in a few Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes. This never really satisfies me though, I needed a full-blown crossover event. But the more time I’ve had to think about it, the more I realised that it’s a large world, so why limit the story to a few people because I really want to see character interactions. Is it fun? Yes. Should they, do it? Hell Yes! But it’s not necessary.

Character interactions always limit stories in a sense, especially if they’re from different mediums because, in a genre like this, I feel that crossover events will have its own set in/one-off story and is mainly used to serve fans but not that franchise long term, unless major changes occur to the whole franchise in general, such as seen in the film Age of Ultron which had a big impact on the last act of the movie based on a season of AoS.

I remember watching a video about Star Wars and they started talking about conspiracies and theories into Rey’s lineage. Is she the daughter of Obi-Wan, is she a relative of Luke Skywalker and someone stated: “Why can’t she just be a random character that happens to get caught up in this adventure?”. A sentence like this has never dawned on me so hard about the Star Wars possibilities. That Universe is huge, mixed with so many different races and planets and stories to tell, you don’t need to tie characters together only plots. Implications of the actions of one person that may or may not have a rippling effect on others that you know are what I think is very cool and interesting story telling. I think that is why Rogue One is one of my favourite Star Wars films to date (It might be my favourite), it had a character I didn’t really know about but her life was affected by the Galactic Empire as much as everyone else, she had no relations to core characters that we grew up knowing but her story was connected and even vital to the over-arching plot of the whole franchise and connecting those dots were pretty fun while watching the movie.

Same should go for Marvel, characters don’t need to always meet. I’m happy having them off in their own little parts of the world because believe it or not, those “little” parts are much larger than you think. I mean Luke Cage has Harlem, That is a lot of ground for one hero………and they don’t call Peter the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man for nothing, he doesn’t need to tackle world ending events because he is a lone hero who protects a pretty large area but, I will say this. The implications of their actions should be felt through each other, which Marvel is doing anyway at least and Infinity War needs to be a game changer. I mean the power and distraught that Thanos brings has to be felt across all platforms with everything referring to that, because that is a crossover everyone is waiting to see.

Thank you for Reading



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