Of Course I Have Friends, I Watch Trailer Reactions

This post isn’t going to be a long one but YouTube has created this category which some hate and some like for their various reason, and you know me, I’m always going to make it involve comics somehow, so let’s do this.

For those that don’t know, people like reacting. Maybe to their old videos or to someone else’s and I have read and watched arguments that speak both for and against these forms of entertainment, some saying that it brings in awareness to someone’s creativity which can help in the creator’s monetization to people saying they are the ‘cancers’ of YouTube, but I’m not here to talk about the politics. I’m here to say I like them and why?

So why do I like them?

Easy, it gives me a sense of community, randomly stumbling across someone who likes what you like as much as you if very rare.

It reminds me of a time I met a girl that ordered Batman HUSH and I happened to be around the reception when she was collecting it, and we randomly spoke about the comic and started talking about all things Batman for maybe 40+ minutes, she was pretty down to earth and very beautiful…lovely smile……It’s such a shame I never got her name………….*sigh*…….I’m drifting…anyway. That doesn’t happen a lot and for this reason, when I’m watching new Trailers for movies or scenes in TV shows, I can’t share my excitement with others as often. Trailer reactions tend to fill that void surprisingly and I can’t knock ‘em for that.

Now does it give me a false sense of friendship or am I saying I’m a lonely person, no not at all, at least I don’t think I am ha-ha, but knowing you can instantly watch something and then see the same excitement from Hundreds of people who are like minded or just as excited as you for this specific thing does give you a warm feeling. That’s why conventions are so important because trust me, if you think you’re a fan, I’m sure there’s someone out there out-doing you. Seeing people so immersed into the pop culture in general is amazing and makes you know that you’re not alone in loving that weird show that your-friends-truly-do-not-care-about-but-you-keep-pestering-them-with-the-story-anyway.

I hope even this blog does that for someone out there

Don’t worry you young nerd that’s reading this, that odd show or anime you like, I just might like it too and that’s cool

This was longer than I thought


Thanks for reading


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