Maybe Movies isn’t for everyone?

If I asked you to name me Iconic heroes, who would you say? Superman? Batman? Captain America? Spider-man?

What about the Hulk? What do you think of him? And you want to know why I think he can’t do a movie?

I’ve been thinking, with both Hulk movies, they were, meh, at most. The character himself is not bad at all, he has had successful TV shows and his comics are all right in my opinion but he has always seemed like a wild card character and isn’t someone who can pull off his own movie yet. So why? Why can’t the hulk seem to have a very successful solo film yet?

I personally think it must do with his relatability to the audience. If there is one thing that a movie needs to do, it is having the ability to catch the audience’s attention through maybe a shift into whatever preconceptions a character might have had to the movie-goer or a characteristic which is relatable to them. For me, the first Iron-man was a relatable character because the focus of that movie was to be grounded initially (Science Fiction, but not so crazy far-fetched that I was out of the movie), The second Captain America film became relatable to me because the preconceived notion I had of his character drastically changed from a boring old school hero to pretty much a bad-ass in almost every sense of the word and lastly I believe the third Thor movie will do the same because the humour in that film looks like something I will enjoy.

But this is where the problem for the Hulk now lays, you can’t ground a character that when angry turns green, it’s already an implausible idea, we already know the hulk is a bad-ass because of his popularity in the comic book pages and humour is something that can only be used lightly if the Hulk is in a solo film as his main issues always tends to be more about personal strife and isolation rather than adventure. So how do we tackle this problem?

I thought of an idea and although I’m still not fully sure how it would go down with audiences I thought it was an interesting idea. Considering that Superhero movies has become a film genre, rather than having that as the forefront for your film, you blend well known genres instead.

Captain America are political thrillers mixed with heroes, Guardians of the Galaxy are Space Operas with heroes, Ant-man was a heist movie that featured a hero. You see a pattern?

I think it’s time we put the Hulk in one of these genres and personally I thought his character would fit in a Romance category.

Again, going back to the Hulk and his character, being a big green wrecking machine is not what connects the audience with the character, it’s what the audience will look forward to if the set pieces are awesome but Bruce Banner is the guy we can relate to and his struggle in life and love. Him feeling out of place and not being with the woman he has such strong feelings for (Betty). If a film could portray how he can love someone so much that he can’t be with her for her own safety, but for some reason they have this crazy adventure where she’s a part of the movie constantly because her dad, Thunderbolt Ross, is tracking the $#!* out of him then hopefully that would work, well for me at least.

Sadly, now though he’s had history with black widow and some other stuff so I don’t see this happening anytime soon anyway but it’s an idea I guess.

What do you guys think? Is there any film Genre for the Hulk you would like to see him in or any story Ideas you’d want to see adapted into a movie? Start a discussion I’d like to know

Thank you for reading



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