Looks Is Everything Now

Now, I’ve never thought to strongly about this (well, I mean not in this light)

An appearance change is constant within hero movies (It happens mostly in sequels) but the costume always connotes a theme or some sort of backstory, not only to the character but to the story itself.

There are two characters which had major costume changes I noticed, being Batman and Ironman (I have to admit I can’t choose between the two).

But the Hero I’m going be concentrating on is the All-American Hero, non-other than the amazing Captain America AKA Steve Rodgers. To my Knowledge Captain America has gone through the most costume changes in the space of a character’s movie franchise appearance, each somehow amazingly unique and in my opinion brilliant.

The reason why I think this is important especially when looking at a character such as Captain America is that he is a person that has gone through the times and his costume is (To the best of my knowledge) a reflection of society through his clothes and what would be deemed as acceptable.


Let’s start with the Horrible


Now this would be a literal translation of his old comic book costume to the cinematic universe and I’m sorry to say but this is absolute trash, like I do not like this at all, but if looking at this through the 1940’s it would make sense for a hero to have this look and for that reason alone is why I deem it acceptable.


Now this suit is more fitting to the type of setting he was placed in and the clothes show what the movie is about or at least his reason for fighting, I majorly liked this look in the movie and wouldn’t have even had a problem if that was his suit but all-in-all, was a good choice


Lastly in the film his final form was revealed and this suit was good (I don’t think better than the second) but showed the character of Captain America and the iconic Shield which I have to say is very important to the character and the suit matches that better.



Now we get to modern times which means the suit has to be modernised, but to be frank, a modernisation of the same suit which I think is too classic for its own good, I would think is very hard to do and may not work but you be the judge of that





Now the next two are definitely my favorite because it shows the variation of the modern era but can still define the character not through the years that we know captain but just as much through the clothes he wears. It makes him stand out as a person but doesn’t throw you off or takes you out the film by saying “What the F is he wearing?”

Thanks for reading


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