#1 Victims of 9/11

Now as we know this was a major tragedy that cost countless lives and was a major event embedded in our history.

Marvel comics took an amazing spin on this and did an issue conveying the strength of those that were at the event helping, be it firefighters, police or even citizens.

What stuck with me the most was the complete shock of the event, not only to people but to heroes and villains alike, the one-time those of the nation all united and showed their care for their home. Looking at this comic issue it touches me because it always brings a reader down to earth about the heroes in our actual lives, the people who inspire us to do better and the people who change the world for the better. We should always remember as much as we love to see these comic book characters defeat injustice and their foes, just as there are bad people there, there are bad people here. Those who oppress people and nations and cause suffering for others.

People who read these comics or this issue specifically should always keep in mind that there are heroes that exist, those that fight fires or arrest dangerous people, those who fight positively for their nation and good causes or even your loved ones at home.

This issue I think is amazingly inspiring and because of the nature of this issue I can’t help but put it as number 1 on my list.

There isn’t much to say about this comic issue except to give it a read, it is amazing and was truly a great read for me and hopefully for you too.

Other than that, as always, Thank you for reading.

P.s. the issue I’m talking about is The Amazing Spiderman #477IMG_4705


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