Number #3 Jack Drake (Robin III Father)

This was pretty sad.

During the Identity Crisis Series, this was a topic about not attacking heroes but attacking their loved ones.

For me, I found this series amazing, this was the first series for me that such a topic was brought up and to be honest it is fair, (I MEAN GREAT!!!) idea.

For Jack Drake, we see what kind of a character he is and that is very supportive.

We sympathise with him and know what he is going through as his son is Robin and that line of work is life threatening, and although he knows this, he still supports his son.

That is a champion in my book.

His death was just really upsetting, a caring father trying to protect himself and even in his last words still decided to support his son in his work as Robin.

It’s basically (Kind Of) like an Uncle Ben thing, I guess.

To be honest, I don’t have a lot to say about this death but it was a very saddening.

It just makes you as the reader think of the most realistic superhero death.

It wasn’t overwritten.

It was very a simple, he was attacked in his own home by somebody who had a point to prove and like the saying goes ‘Less is more’.

This is definitely what they did with this death and I just love it (Not the death part). Having things like this in a comic really brings the reader back down to earth.

Thanks for reading


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