Number #6 Superman (I don’t need to say his actual name)

Superman Dead?!?!?!?!


Not even the strongest man around can escape the harsh reality of death.

So who killed him?

………..well Doomsday.

I posted a slight part about this in my previous post of Blue Beetle. So I will elaborate on that.

An issue was made known as the death of Superman (Little Trivia, this issue originally was supposed to be the marriage of Superman) and a villain known as Doomsday escaped his prison, therefore, causing rampage. Now while Superman dealt with TV appearances, the Justice League International went to deal with the situation. (Well that turned out great didn’t it?).

Superman, finding out that they couldn’t even come close to Doomsday strength, went to deal with the situation himself.

What a battle. I mean when I read this issue, I was rather young and hadn’t seen Superman take a beating like that so all of this new comic dynamics was new to me.

But there was one thing that I loved about this certain issue, and that was Superman’s resilience, I mean when he fought against Doomsday, it wasn’t a matter of Superhuman beings brawling but people of equal strength representing something (One was complete Chaos and the Other was Order).

And they just fought. And fought. And fought. Superman didn’t give up; he really showed his human side by having a persistent will to not give up till the final blow.

But then all of this raises the question, “Superman dies, but he’s a Superhero. So what?”

Well, then it becomes a thing of not only him being a known character for comic books but what he represents.

We all have to be honest, no matter how hard you try not seeing it, Major superheroes or Hero Organisations represent something.

X-men: Segregation and Human Equality

Batman: Battling with inner-self and mans search for true justice

Captain America: American Democracy and the American way

Spiderman: Struggles of a teenager

The Incredibles: Something to do with family maybe

What I’m trying to say is that there is meaning to characters and with Superman, I see him anyway, as the symbol of Hope and Change. Many other people probably thought the same, so his death symbolised the death of change, the death of something great. On a large scale, his death affected readers in a sense of symbolism.

This is why Superman is ranked in my Top 10, his status says so much it actually can’t be ignored.

Thanks for reading



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