Number #7 Robin II (Jason Todd)

Now, this was a dark period for DC.

The death of Jason Todd was in 1988 during the comic series of “Death in the family”.

Before I can say how he died, which was rather quick, let me ease you into his character so you can understand why I’ve put him slightly higher than the rest.

When Jason Todd is introduced he is shown trying to steal the bat-mobile tyres, this causes him and Batman to start off on the wrong foot already but after some time, Batman learns that he’s not all bad, as Jason helps him put away some thugs.

Now Jason has had a troublesome childhood as his parents died and he had anger issues (Some really serious anger issues). But Batman thought with help and mentoring, he could channel that anger for good. Jason found out that the true reason why his father died was that of Two-face. So he did what he thought must be done………….

He tried strangling the life out of him.

But luckily Two-face didn’t die. (Luckily for Two-face that is)

Then he finds out that the mother who he knew wasn’t his actual mother, he tracks down his biological mother. Only for her to hand him over to the Joker where they both meet their demise (How could she trust the joker? Never trust a pale man who smiles like that).

Now Jason’s anger issues was a lot but in my opinion, considering how he was, above all else, a troubled teen and he had these numerous problems it could be understood (Now before you start blasting off “what about Dick Grayson?” well no teen is the same).

So the actual murder.

How would you feel if your own mother did this to you?

I mean I could only imagine him feeling overjoyed at the fact that he finally found his birth mother, then ‘snap!’(That’s the sound of my fingers clicking) she betrays you.

She causes you to be brutally beaten by a crowbar by the man who is supposed to be you mentors worst enemy. Then as the timed bomb ticks away you just stare at it, knowing every second it goes down is one second closer to your certain death.


I don’t know about you but I would feel pretty bummed if that was me.

So what gets me about his death is how his life never seemed to go right.

With the first Robin, although his whole family dies, he was able to jump back from it well. He found a father figure in Batman, a friend in Alfred, grew up making friends and eventually turns out to be the man he is today.

Jason found it tough from the beginning and wasn’t able to bounce back from it, he let his anger overcome him and then at the moment he thought he found joy, not only was it taken from him, but he most likely felt helpless, betrayed and then sadly killed as he probably felt worthless as a hero.

After all, he was supposed to be the Dark Knights side kick. He never became the example Dick Grayson was.

Thanks for reading



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